About Us

The mission of The Assin Foundation is to build a Heritage and cultural building in Assin Praso, Assin North Municipal District, Central Region of Ghana. This is to tell the story of its people, to display the unknown truths of this land and to reconnect to its lost diaspora who have been taken for foreign lands, forcibly.

This community building will house the Assin Museum and the office for ancestral research, Tourism information centre, hosting cultural events, festivals in the Assin areas.

This area of Ghana is historically significant as it was for many years the focal point and highway for captives, gold and diamonds. The original pathway to the Gold Coast. Its human traffic was feeding the cross Atlantic slave trade and scummed to many disputes between expanding chiefdom, invaders and many a foreign explorations capitalising on both human and environmental treasures.  The land has yet to repair the ravages over the periods and the history needs its heritage and healing. Lands which once supported its occupants are under constant threat. The latest is the serious pollution of the River Pra, once the last place to wash clean before the Atlantic voyage to enslavement.

The Assin Foundation aims to helps the communities for a sustainable future and has partnered with organisations to help decontaminate the land and waters from pollution caused by recent gold mining. 

The Foundation is to raise awareness of Ghana, attract tourism and development, especially for the Assin North in the Central region of Ghana. The Assin Foundation is a non governmental and not for profit social enterprise, founded in 2016 by a team of local businessmen and traditional chiefs. It has a Board of Trustees.