What we do


To educate and empower local communities to ….:

We work with local government and Chieftency to put effective support systems in place to provide capacity planning and building support for our community. We will campaign to ensure individuals working in local businesses are protected and have the equal opportunities. To facilitate  education and awareness programmes with local private and public schools, children, young people and youth to build understanding around factors that can lead to developing a strong rural community.  Our volunteers help with community action and encourage community influencers to become involved in developing a sustainable environment.


We engage individuals in driving systemic change.  In providing action-oriented platforms that facilitate an important community engagement and bring networks, resources and know-how together. Bring together stakeholders to discuss complex issues and gaps within our community groupps. Inspire change across the corporate sector and engage leaders who want to use their skills, resources and networks to make a positive social impact.


To tackle the… we will

Build and pilot a model approach to….and implement it across….group; Evolve our model with input from across the …. working with industry leaders to share best practice, knowledge and new ideas; Educate people working in the …. about how our model to ….can be scaled up; Run a public campaign to drive change across the …..and enable the public to choose …. Influence legislation at a parliamentary level to bring about standards to …and . in the ….

For Public

  • Organizing events
    • not just the Emancipation Day. It is about the regular events in to attract Tourism trade.
    • Hosting festivals
    • Organise foods and tents
    • collecting toys, goods and gifts for donations
    • designing, managing and facilitating events, including any activities or partnerships around the world.